Author: Martin Henze

Homepage at university

Recently I set up a small homepage on the webspace my university offers me for free. You’ll find information on the committees I’m working in and a list of my publications. This includes a paper on JUnit I wrote together with Lukas Nießen. You’ll find that homepage here: Martin Henze at RWTH Aachen University.

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Here we go again!

I updated the software to WordPress 2.5 and created (with the help of the most beautiful woman in the world) a new template, which is mainly a crossover of the default theme and BlixKrieg. You can view some pictures of my trip to the USA in my gallery, where you’ll also find a bunch of …

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Elektronische Grundlagen (electronic basics) formula sheets

For those who have to write the Elektronische Grundlagen für Informatiker (electronic basics for computer scientists) exam again, here are two documents I created, which might be useful during the exam: My formula sheet A collection of old exams (incl. sample solutions) on one DIN-A4 sheet As usual, you can find all downloads at s-inf, …

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